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August 9, 2008
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WARNING: This is a SonAmy Fanfic. If you dislike either, then don't view. Thank you!
This story does not take place after any particular Sonic game, although it most likely took place after Sonic CD.

This is only a preview of what I have going on. I will update later, once I get more written.

        Sonic had just beaten Dr. Robotnik for the fifth time. This was the second time he saved Amy Rose. It was quite obvious that Amy loved Sonic. However, it was quite hidden the other way around. It was only at the beginning of Robotnik's next plan that Sonic's true feelings about Amy appeared.
        Robotnik's plan was to distract Sonic and friends. He would then kidnap Amy and force Sonic to come to her rescue. As soon as Sonic was in Robotnik's base, the doctor would spring a speed reducing trap on Sonic, thus turning him into what Sonic calls a Slow-Mo. But Robotnik had underestimated Sonic's feelings for Amy. A grave mistake in his plan.
        Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy were in Emerald Hill together, playing tennis. It was the perfect day, too: sunny, cool breeze, not to hot nor cool. Knuckles was up to serve when the sky started to darken.
        "Huh? The forecast didn't say anything about clouds or rain," spoke Knuckles, "What gives?"
        The quartet looked up and got their answer immediately.
        "Robotnik? I just beat him two days ago. He never attacks so soon...unless..." paused Sonic.
        "Unless what, Sonic?" asked Tails.
        "Unless this was part of his plan!"
        "So what do we do?" asked Amy. Everyone was silent. "Sonic?"
        Suddenly three waves of Buzzbombers and Caterkillers  came swarming the group.
        "Knuckles! Tails! Hold 'em off!" shouted Sonic.
        "Got it!" The duo ran off to fight the waves of mechanical monsters.
        "Amy, I want you to stay back from the fighting. I don't want you to get hurt." gently spoke Sonic. Amy nodded her head.
        Sonic charged into the battle with Knuckles and Tails. At this time, Dr. Robotnik was sneaking up behind Amy. Before the pink hedgehog could do anything, the doctor silenced her, knocked her out, and kidnapped her.
        It took a half an hour for the trio of guys to defeat the waves.
        "Good job, guys. Now let's head back to Amy, and -" Sonic stopped. He looked around, and Amy was nowhere to be seen.
        "Amy? Amy, where are you!?" shouted Sonic. The trio heard Sonic's voice echo, but there was no response.
        "Amy!" Sonic called again. He was getting worried. Tails and Knuckles could hear it in his voice.
        "Sonic, I don't think she's here," spoke Tails. "She must have been kidnapped."
        When these words hit Son's ears, something within him awoke. His anger level grew, and his worries become stronger. Sonic dashed forward a few feet.
        "ROBOTNIK! I WILL KILL YOU!" shouted Sonic. Tears were now running down the blue hedgehog's face.
        Knuckles and Tails looked at each other with shocked faces, then looked and ran toward Sonic to comfort him.
        "Easy now, Sonic," Knuckles said, "We didn't know you cared about Amy this much."
        Upon hearing this, Sonic realized he let his well-hidden feelings for Amy take control of his mind and body, thus letting them out in front of his friends.
        "Well, now you know, and Robotnik will pay for taking Amy away!" said Sonic fiercely.
        "We'll help, too. Amy is our friend as well," spoke Tails, "but first, we need a plan."
        "Well, we could use Sonic's feeling-fueled rage against Robotnik, since I don't think he knows about it," Knuckles said.
        "But how?" asked Tails. "Is it possible for Sonic to go Super with this rage?"
        Tails got his answer, but not in the way he was hoping. A bright flash had made Tails and Knuckles close their eyes and turn. When they looked up, Tails got his answer.
        "...Sonic?" asked Tails. "Wait...DARK SUPER SONIC?!?"
        And in a split second of Tails shocked question, Dark Super Sonic bolted off towards Robotnik's base.
         "If anything has happened to Amy, Robotnik, you will die!"
        As Sonic dashed through the many zones Mobius, Amy awoke in a cage in Dr. Robotnik's base.
        "Mwahahaha! This is the ultimate plan to destroy Sonic once and for all!" spoke Dr. Robotnik maniacally.
        "You can't destroy Sonic! I won't let you!" screamed Amy.
        "Oh? And what are you going to do, little girl?"
        "Exactly! There's nothing you can do to stop me from destroying Sonic!"
        With that said, Amy let out a whine and fell back into her cage, head resting on her hands, and knees bent upwards.
        "I wish Sonic was here..." Tears were flowing down the pink hedgehog's face.
        Dark Super Sonic was dashing through Green Hill to get to Doctor Robotnik's base.
        "How could've I let Robotnik capture Amy?! Why wasn't I there for her?" Sonic kept asking himself these questions repeatedly until tears were flowing down his face and into the air like rain in a windstorm.
        Knuckles and Tails were still in the Emerald Hill, right where Sonic bolted from.
        " what? Sonic's gone Dark Super, so he's probably already close to Metropolis," remarked Tails.
        "Well, we could leave this up to Sonic and continue playing tennis."
        "Well, I guess that's really all we can do since we can't catch up to Sonic, nor beat his to Metropolis or Robotnik's base."
        "So tennis it is!" Tails and Knuckles grabbed the marigold-orange-yellow and cherry-red rackets, respectively.
        By now, Sonic was in the city of Metropolis, location of Doctor Robotnik's base.
        Sonic stopped. He thought about all of the times he ran away from Amy, too afraid to settle down with a girlfriend, too afraid to confess his love, too afraid to tell her how pulchritudinous she was, too afraid, too afraid...
        Tears were flowing down the dark blue hedgehog's face, again.
        "I'm...sorry. I should've told you how I felt. I should've been there for you. I should've stayed with you until the threat passed. I...I love you, Amy Rose." Sonic was still standing still, thinking repetitious thoughts, crying.
        Amy was still sitting in her home in Robotnik's base he had given her. At the same time Sonic was thinking about Amy and the past, Amy started thinking about Sonic.
        "Sonic. Why don't you love me? Is it because I'm always chasing after you? Because I want you to be mine? Why? I'm sorry Sonic...I love you."
        "Mwahahaha! Sonic's falling right into my trap! He's right in Metropolis! I'm finally going to rid Mobius of the blue nuisance! Mwahaha!"
        "NO!" cried Amy. "You can't!"
        "Haven't we already had this chat, little girl? There's nothing you can do to stop me!"
        Dark Super Sonic burst through the wall of the doctor's base.
        "She might not be able to do anything, but I sure can!"
        "Sonic!" Amy screamed with joy.
        "You're just in time, my blue nemesis. Just in time for your demise!" Robotnik started toward his computer. Sonic saw this, and in a nanosecond he had Robotnik in his hands.
        "Let. Amy. Go. NOW!" shouted Sonic.
        "Oh? And if I don't -" Before the doctor could finish, Sonic had thrown him against the wall across the room, and before the doctor could do anything, Sonic was already in front of him, ready to destroy him.
        The doctor still didn't release Amy from her home. He didn't move, at all.
        “Well?” Dark Super Sonic asked. “Are you going to release her, or do I have to get angry?” There were flames in Sonic's eyes, as if it was a reflection of a fire in front of him.
        Doctor Robotnik still didn't move. He tried to speak but nothing came out.
        Silence. That's all that was heard. No one moved, not even Sonic. He was still waiting for Robotnik to release Amy. What seemed like an eternity passed before a voice broke the silence.
        “...Sonic?” said the voice. He did not answer, nor did he even move.
        “O-o-o-o-k-k-k! I-I'll-l re-relea-ease-ss her-er,” stuttered Robotnik in fear and cowardism. The doctor got up slowly, as Sonic was watching him with hawk eyes. Robotnik walked over to a control panel, punched in a code, and pressed a red button. What Sonic didn't know was that Robotnik tried pulling a fast one on him. A trap door opened beneath Sonic, but he was too quick for it. As soon as Sonic heard a click underneath him, he dashed straight at Dr. Robotnik, and grabbed him by the throat.
        “Don't you DARE pull a fast one on me! Now release Amy. NOW!” Sonic lectured Robotnik.
        “And what if I don-” Robotnik was cut off when Sonic started strangling him.
        “*cough*OK. *choking* I'll *hack* do it! *wheeze*” Robotnik wheezed and hacked out. He pressed another button, this time orange, and Amy's house opened up. She jumped out, and ran towards Dark Super Sonic.
        “Sonic!” she screamed. She threw her arms around him to give him a hug, she expected him to shrug or try to run away, but he just stood there, still holding Robotnik by the neck. “Sonic?” No one moved...
        Sonic brought Robotnik closer to him. “If you ever try to hurt my friends again, you will be punished. Severely.” He let the doctor down on to the floor and displayed a menacing look to make Robotnik get the message into his head. “Let's go Amy.” He picked Amy up, and dashed out of Metropolis into the Hill Top Zone. He took Amy up to the most pulchritudinous place he knew of and dropped her off. He then transformed from Dark Super Sonic back into Sonic the Hedgehog.
        “Sonic? What are we doing here? Aren't Knuckles and Tails wor-” Amy was interrupted. Sonic had turned around, grabbed her, and started kissing her. When he finished kissing her, Amy had a shocked look or her face.
        “S-S-Soni-ni-nic? Wh-Why did you just ki-kiss me?” the shocked pink hedgehog asked.
        “Amy, I never had enough courage to ever tell you.”
        “Tell me what?”
        “I love you, Amy. I always have. I kept running away from you because I was afraid. Afraid to let my emotions out. Afraid to confront you and ask you out, or tell you how I felt, or even tell you 'I love you.' When Robotnik captured you, I just lost it. I couldn't hold it back anymore. I had to let you know how I feel. I love you, Amy Rose.” The blue hedgehog had a tear in the very corner of his left eye.
        “You love me? I-I can't believe it! I always thought you thought I was annoying or something like that. But you love me?”
        “Yes. I love you Amy.”
        “I-I sti-” Amy was interrupted yet again by Sonic. He started kissing her again.
        After they got done kissing, Sonic looked Amy in the eye. “Amy, I know I've been afraid before and shy, but I've got something to ask you.”
        “What is it Sonic?” Amy asked. She kinked her head slightly toward the right.
        “Will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?”
        There was a long pause. Amy was just so surprised at what Sonic had just asked.
        “Is he being honest? Is this real? This can't be real. There's no way Sonic would have just saved me from Robotnik, start kissing me, and ask me out. This has to be a joke.” Amy continued to stare into Sonic's adventurous, green, eyes.
        The silence seemed to last a perpetuity, until a voice broke the fragile air.
        “Sonic...” Amy spoke. “Do you know how long I've waited for this?” She continued staring into the blue hedgehog's green eyes. “Do you know how many times you've broken my heart? Is this some cruel joke you're playing on me?”
        “Amy...I'm sorry for breaking your heart so many times. It's just that, well, I was afraid. Afraid of showing my emotions. Afraid of commitment. But since Robotnik kidnapped you, they all started flying out. Please forgive me, Amy.” The blue hedgehog sounded sincere with tears in his eyes. “Amy, if you don't forgive me, I'll understand. I've been a jerk these past years. I should have told you right then and there when I saved you the first time that I loved you, but I didn't. I'm sorry.” Sonic's face was covered in tears now. “It's something that I've regretted not telling you, or anybody, all these years. It's haunted my thoughts and dreams every night since that day I saved you.”
        There was a silence between the two hedgehogs. The wind blew gently, making the leaves chatter lightly among themselves. The silence dragged on for what seemed like an eternity, until a female voice punctured the fabric of silence.
        “Oh, Sonic,” she said. “Have I really been haunting your dreams since we first met?”
        “Yes, Amy. You have. You never left my mind since we met. I just never wanted you to worry or get hurt during a battle with Robotnik. Truth be told, the reason why I never admitted my love to you and kept running away from you, is that I cared about you. I know it's kind of weird, but think about it. Would you really want a boyfriend that puts his life in danger everyday for the greater good? I didn't want you to worry about me when I was battling Robotnik.”

To be continued...
It's been awhile since I uploaded anything to good old dA, so I decided to give out a preview of a fanfic I've been working on. Yes, it is a Love story, yes, it's a SonAmy story, and yes, I know its short. But that's because this is only a preview and it's based on a dream I had.

Just remember, if you don't like it, then don't view it.

I would like some advice and/or comments on how it is so far, and how I can improve it. And if you could, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst it could be and 10 being perfect, rate this preview, please. That will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


UPDATE (23/09/08): This has been updated by quite a bit, as you probably could tell. Feedback is always greatly appreciated! Thanks!

UPDATE (07/02/09): Again, updated about a page worth's of text. Feedback is always greatly appreciated! Thanks! For now, I'm going to take a break from writing this and start working more on the gifts that I need to do. I've got them started, I just need to finish them.
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